Our radial Mastercylinders are studied and designed to upgrade the braking performance offering a better response and an improved braking sensibility, adjustable to personal requirements. Constant technological research, style and design innovation, together with 33 year of experience: this is what makes our braking systems safe and able to guarantee high performance and good results both on street and on track.
We produce mastercylinders for all bike models on the market.We offer a wide range based on the different driving methods and particular use of each customer:
CLASSIC BRAKE & CLUTCH available in 14/16/19 mm; NAKED BRAKE & CLUTCH with round or rectangular fuel tank, available in 14/16/19 mm; THUNDERBRAKE BRAKE & CLUTCH available in 16/19 mm; INCH BRAKE 13mm; FOREFINGER BRAKE 13mm; REAR CLASSIC 14mm; REAR FOR INCH/FOREFINGER 14mm

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