Calipers and pistons inside are both machined from billet metal using numerical control machines (CNC) in order to give more stability to the product.
They are anodized to get high resistance to wear and consequent long life..
We produce callipers for most of bike models on the market.
European and Japanese hypersports, Off road, Naked, Cafè racer, Motard e Supermotard, Minigp, Gp10 and minibike, Harley Davidson, Buell
We offer specific braking systems based on the different driving methods and particular use of each customer.
For this reason we supply a wide range of calipers, axial and radial, depending on the forks mounts.
Radial calipers are an improvement of the axial ones as they are directly joined to the fork creating a single piece. This gives more stiffness to the caliper and allows pads to take up most of the disc surface. As a result, the braking performance improves while the thermomechanical stress and wear is getting reduced. STANDARD/DRILLED PISTONS
This is one of the reasons why our radial calipers are so long-lasting.
We remind you that even if you change your bike model, our radial calipers can be easily fitted simply changing the spacers.
We make sure that every single item we produce respects the highest standards and offers outstanding reliability and safety. For this reason we perform a scrupulous check of all materials used and during all the working process and final treatments.
W e also offer a customized service for special equipment and old models no more on the market.

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