Constant technological research, style and design innovation, together with 33 year of experience: this is what makes our braking systems safe and able to guarantee high performance and good results both on street and on track.
Our floating discs are designed to increase the braking torque and forecarriage handling. Mainly during an extreme usage, they are studied to enhance the resistance to an extended thermo-mechanical stress and to get heat dissipation when braking. The more braking grip you have, the more readiness you obtain. The lighter disc you have, the more drivability you get.
Also, a good heat dissipation gives a constant braking power under every condition.
Our floating discs consist of:
A rotor machined from heat-treated and laser-cut AISI420 steel plates. It has a slot for the dissipation of the heat and the dressing of the pads.
The inner part made from billet Ergal 7075, machined with CNC and anodized.
The two parts, rotor and the inner part, are joined together by 10 steel studs treated with hard oxidation but not fixed firmly so that temperature excursion and material expansion cannot decrease the floating capacity of the disc.
This configuration also reduces disc stress and wear.
We produce discs for all bike models on the market:European and Japanese hypersports, Off road, Naked, Cafè racer, Motard e Supermotard, Minigp, Gp10 and minibike, Harley Davidson, Buell
We offer specific braking systems based on the different driving methods and particular use of each customer.
We make sure that every single item we produce respects the highest standards and offers outstanding reliability and safety. For this reason we perform a scrupulous check of all materials used and we monitor all working process and final treatments.
We also offer a customized service for special equipments and old models no more on the market.

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