Discacciati Brake Systems is specialized in high precision mechanical machining.

For over 40 years, high-precision mechanical manufacturing represents the tool to bring up to light distinctive products of design that strongly characterizes the Made in Italy style.

Discacciati operates mainly in the automotive and motorsport world, creating tailor-made solutions for prototypes and small series.

The process starts from the acquisition of raw materials, aluminum and steel. Then it moves to the technical drawing in CAD format of the piece that must be machined with the acceptable dimensions and tolerances. The design is processed and translated internally by studying the tool path for the machining center which removes material from the solid to obtain the finished piece with precise dimensions and specific characteristics.

Surface and heat treatments are carried out through qualified partners, where required.

Once the piece has been made, it is checked with suitable measuring instruments to verify its conformity.

The technical drawing is provided by the Customer who, through the support of another company belonging to the same group, can also require engineering services such as 2D and 3D CAD design and drawing, FEM analysis, 3D scanning, 3D prototyping and dynamic bench tests.

Discacciati can boast a multi-year collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan.

The process of high-precision mechanical machining for third parties is ISO 9001:2015 certified.